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Some Components So That You Travel Truck In Compliance With Legality And Safety

Posted by Mark Martin on
Truck Components

For truckers, it is essential that their accessories are specific to their vehicles as they spend a lot of time driving and inside the truck, therefore, we have antennas and transmitters, in addition to individual navigators for trucks, with signage about bridge heights, rest areas, and specific prohibitions.

We also have batteries and oils to get the best performance for the vehicle.

Signs for longer trucks or hot goods plates are mandatory depending on the case, so we have these components so that you travel in compliance with legality and safety.

If you are looking for converters, you will only have to navigate through them and choose the one that best suits what you are looking for among the different brands such as Corvy, Waeco or President.

Antennas And Transmitters For Truck

On many occasions truck drivers or carriers feel alone in their travels with the only company of the car behind, from this arose the need to install powerful antennas and transmitters of good quality to get communication between drivers, so that Have a nice time while driving.

We have numerous antennas and transmitters of the President brand, a brand of high prestige in this Type of accessories for trucks or radio amateurs.

With many of these stations, you can memorize several channels and locate more than 30 channels on different frequencies or talk without having to press the microphone button. All this complemented with a quality antenna, which is durable over time and with wave amplitude so that communication is easy, effective and fast.

You can check this section from time to time to check if we have more radio antenna offers since they are packs that are usually available at a reasonably competitive price.

We also have microphones for broadcasters, many of which include the option to raise/lower channels so as not to distract your driving.

Browsers For Truck

For many transporters, it is essential to have a specific browser for trucks. Today the developers of the leading brands in the sector such as Garmin, develop individual devices for these vehicles with options determined by the size, weight, and load of the truck. Thus, these navigators will advise the driver if the route is correct according to the selected characteristics, height limitations in steps, step restrictions, weight limitations, etc.

Also, most have points of interest previously qualified by other carriers such as parking, accommodation or restaurants.

The touch screens of these browsers – available in several measures – will allow the driver great ease of use and minimal distraction at the wheel since they also often include Bluetooth to receive or make calls without pressing a button. Besides, some Garmin browsers include voice-activated navigation, so the driver has to talk to the device to perform specific functions. Utility that is of great value so as not to divert the attention to the steering wheel of these truck drivers.

Additionally, these Garmin navigators have the option to keep a record of the services performed or the maintenance tasks of the vehicle such as oil changes, wheels or revisions.

In short, it is a perfect companion for those drivers who want to ensure that they take the correct route and with maximum security, having configured in the browser specific data of our truck and cargo.

Cleaning Products, Batteries, Transformers, Oils And Additives For The Truck

Posted by Mark Martin on
Truck Additives

These vehicles are very demanding regarding power and also need proper internal maintenance, so the choice of a powerful battery and the specific oil for the engine are essential if you want to have a good performance of the truck and thus avoid problems or breakdowns.

We have several specific batteries of the Varta brand of the Silver and Blue ranges that are designed for high energy demands and with high resistance to vibrations. Besides its low consumption in water provides high durability and savings.

It is important that the truck has a reliable and durable power source such as these batteries, bearing in mind that the load that carries is always essential and also that is where the driver spends most of the day, which makes it necessary that the vehicle does not lose energy and responds adequately to the demands of day to day on the road. Besides, truck batteries suffer greater wear than cars, so we must be alert for replacement.

Regarding truck oils, we have the Total brand, which offers the user full confidence thanks to his experience. These truck-specific oils are low in sulfated ash and will provide excellent performance for the truck.

Another additive that has taken center stage is the AdBlue, chemical product that complements the fuel and reduces polluting emissions converting them into nitrogen and water vapor, harmless to the atmosphere. For use in heavy vehicles or trucks with SCR.

On the other hand, these vehicles also need particular cleaning products to avoid damaging the body, aluminum, carpets, etc.

Converters or transformers of the leading brands such as Corvy, Waeco or President.

Signaling, Dangerous Goods-ADR

It is mandatory in many cases to have the signs or reflective marking the law according to the type of cargo, length or requirements of the area where it is circulated, so we have all kinds of specific signs for trucks and trucks of dangerous goods ADR, such as orange panels, numbers, shutters, “Convoi Exceptionnel” plates and other symptoms.