Benefits of stackers

If you own a warehouse or manufacturing business, you should be very interested in using stackers to run your operations. The following are some of the benefits of stackers:

· They are less expensive than forklifts when it comes to the original costs as well as those of operation. You definitely don’t have to hire a licensed operator of these machines.

· Stackers are small in size which gives them great maneuverability as compared with forklifts. You can use them to more materials in tight spaces that bigger machines may not fit.

· There are certain stackers which with straddle legs which allows the forks to go right to the ground. The legs are so wide that they can reach outside the pallet or skid. A hand pallet truck allows for the proper lifting of the pallets.

· Some stackers have adjustable space legs which can be used for lifting different sizes of pallets. It doesn’t matter how wide the pallets are. You can adjust these stackers for the type of load you are handling.

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